Teach With Drama

Engage Your Students

Teaching with Drama is a series of “dramatic readings” adapted from lessons, to teach history and social studies topics. It is an effective way to engage and motivate students. The dramatic readings are truly a winning solution to gain and maintain students' attention and increase retention.

Jim Cupid was a Social Studies and History teacher for over 30 years. During that time he used a number of teaching strategies to reach his student learners and nothing proved as effective as Teaching with Drama.

What started out as a way to engage the learner's interest, turned into a standard teaching method. He used this method to teach his History and Social Studies students. The success of this method's effectiveness was astounding.

Jim Cupid said that attention deficient disorders and the inability of students to hold their focus for any length of time were the main reasons that drove him to create this dramatic reading system for teaching.

These scripts can be used in both history and social studies classes as springboards to further discussion, research and understanding of relevant syllabus topics. It may also be used as an introduction to and a revision of these topics. The scripts can even be used as a crossover tool and introduced in Drama or English classes.

Buy your own scripts

The History and Social Studies “Dramatic Readings” that Jim Cupid developed and wrote to teach his students are available here in a series for download.

This “Dramatic Reading” approach awakens the mind of the student because a different type of thinking and interaction is needed for dramatic readings. It is creative and captures the students' attention. The interactivity of the method as well as the cognitive and research aspect of the worksheet questions engages the students intellectually and learning takes off.

Use them as a convenient way to engage and teach your students. You can introduce a skit relevant to your course topic from time to time and try a different approach to teaching.